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Toronto Web Design

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We provide high-quality, high-impact digital media services for companies looking to expand their online presence or create an entirely brand new one.

We offer two primary services:

  • Web Design

  • Our design team is a fully qualified, professional team of designers who embrace any web technology they can utilize for the benefit of our client. We can evolve to flow with any customer request, ensuring that we're providing what the customer wants in a creative and stylish way. Our design is focused on user experience and functionality, while not skimping on the swank when it comes to eye candy. That means clients will always receive the best form and function when working with us.

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  • Web Development

  • A good design is only as good as the backend supporting it. We provide full-service web development scaling from a small web application to large, multi-purpose web services. We are fully prepared to deliver custom-built web applications such as: email forms, online surveys, guestbooks, photo galleries, message boards, as well as Content Management Systems (CMS), ecommerce storefronts and shopping carts, and customer relationship managers (CRM). We tend to work primarily in a LAMP set up (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) but are comfortable in many other languages and environments.

    We also work with a lot of open source Content Management Systems, such as Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Mambo and Wordpress. We can build custom modules, components, plugins & templates for each.

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