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Q: What do you do?

A: In short, we specialize in high-end web application development and rich web interface design. We are open to hosting projects on our network as well.

Q: What don't you do?

A: We are primarily a digital services company meaning we rarely provide graphic design for anything other than the digital channel. We've been known to dabble with business cards, letterheads and things of the sort but that's not our primary focus.

Q: What are your average rates?

A: We approach each project with a clean slate - meaning we build the cost around what the project requires. Our rates are always competitive for the quality of service and work we provide.

Q: How long do average size projects normally take?

A: Our turnaround is usually quicker than most other design shops due to our insistence on avoiding time consuming obstacles (read: no lippy project managers or sales reps to spin our client's head around instead of getting work done). That being said, a typical project can run anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks.

Q: What's your process?

A: We've recently started utilizing a standard process in managing project workflow. This means that from the first time we pick up the phone with a new client to the actual launch of the project, everything is a carefully adhered to pattern of events.

We will start by gaining a general sense of what the client needs, followed by a kind-of self-assessment for the client regarding their proposed project (not necessary if an RFP is already available).

Once we have a firm understanding of the exact requirements, we will put together a formal proposal complete with prototypes, timeline & payment information which we will usually present to the client in a face-to-face.

Upon receiving the go-ahead we will get started on building final prototypes to be presented to the client for final review & signoff. Once signoff on the final design has been confirmed we will immediately begin the development, testing & implementation process. This is where the magic happens.

Upon project completion we will then submit press releases and online notices to the general public & any important stakeholders.